Hanson Rivet has in-stock speed rivets for a variety of applications, including speed fastening rivets for sheet metal assembly, electronic components, lightweight fabrications, and speed fastening rivets for plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and similar materials.

Briv® Rivets

For sheet metal assembly with high clamp-up requirementsw49-BRIV

Rivscrew® Removable Rivets

Removable and reusable, for fast electronic component assemblyw49-RIVSCREW

Chobert® Rivets

For lightweight fabrications where a controlled light clamp is neededw49-CHOBERT

Avtronic® Rivets

Attach connectors, card ejectors, and brackets to PCB’s, fastw49-AVTRONIC

Grovit® Rivets

For quick assembly of wood, aluminum alloy, plastics, and fiberglassw49-GROVIT