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The ProSet® 1600 is among the highest force-to-weight ratio blind riveting tools
in the industry. In addition to its compact design, the comfortable, small rounded
grip reduces user fatigue and increases the ability to maneuver in tight spaces.

The ProSet® 1600 will keep your production lines running at full speed. Thanks
to the innovative quick disconnect nose housing, the front end components
can be serviced in minutes - without tools. With the 1600 Mandrel Collection
System (MCS) model, spent mandrels are instantly collected, and with the quick
disconnect system, disposal takes no time, keeping work areas safe and clean
with minimal downtime.

This ProSet® 1600 model also features an innovative left or right, On/Off swivel
air fitting providing additional flexibility, conserving energy and reducing operating
costs. The 1600 will set 2.0 mm Micro Rivets, 3/32" (2.4mm) and 1/8" (3.2m)
diameter rivets in all materials and up to 5/32" (4.0mm) all steel open end rivets.
Features & Benefits:
   Lightweight polymer construction
   Comfortable two finger, low activation force
   Directionable air exhaust
   High force-to-weight ratio
   Quick disconnect nose housing/Quck disconnect
   jaw case/Quick disconnect Mandrel collector
   Conserve energy, On/Off, left or right swivel
   air fitting
   Capable of setting 2.0 mm Micro Rivets
   Extended 5" long front end for extra reach
   POP® Rivet Presenter (RP) compatible
Lightweight and comfortable
to operate
Quick disconnect Nosehousing

Quick disconnect Jaw
Guide technology
Note: Dimensions are in inches and [(mm)].
Model Number ProSet® 1600 ProSet® 1600MCS
Weight 2.14 lbs. (0.97 kg) 2.29 lbs. (1.04 kg)
Length 10.83" (275mm) 10.71" (272mm)
Height 8.94" (227mm)
Tool Stroke 0.71" (18mm)
Working Pressure 72.5 - 100 psi (5.0 - 6.9 bar) dry, filtered
Pulling Force 1090 lbs @ 90 psi (4850 N @ 6.2 bar)
Force/Weight Ratio 509 lbf/lb (5 kN/kg) 476 lbf/lb (4.6 kN/kg)
Air Consumption 0.043 cu ft/rivet
(1.22 liters/rivet)
2.47 scrfm (max)
[70 liters/min (max)]

Rivet Capacity

Rivet Type Material
(Body Mandrel)
Rivet Diameter
3/32" (*)
(2.4 mm)
(3.0-3.2 mm)
(4.0 mm)
Open End &
Aluminum-Steel or St. Steel (**)
Steel-Steel (†)
St. Steel-St. Steel;
Monel-Steel or St. Steel
Closed End Aluminum-Aluminum
Aluminum-Steel or St. Steel
St. Steel-St. Steel;
LSR Rivets Aluminum-Aluminum
HR Rivets™ Steel-Steel
"T" Rivet Aluminum-Steel
Self Plugger Steel-Steel
MCS Collector Capacity (# Mandrels) 300 120 90
(*) Use FAN239-176 Jaw pusher set up; (†) Excludes MultiGrip; (‡) Set air pressure at 90 psi (6.2 bar).
(**) St. Steel - Stainless Steel
Optional Accessories
Part Number


PRN214 Nosepiece for 2.0mm Micro Rivets
PRG402-02 Jaws for 2.0 mm Micro Rivets
FAN239-174 Front End 5" Length Extension Kit
FA203-408 Adaptor Kit for MCS5000 (remote MCS)
FAN239-177 MCS Retrofit Kit to Convert 1600 Model
RP4-486 Rivet Presenter Receptacle

Insist on Genuine
POP® Rivets

Extended nose housing


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